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Will others see HIM or ME?

Shaliah- a jewish term, meaning "messenger" and "representative". When this is applied to the Gospel of Christ, it means that we are sent to be powerful ambassadors for Him- bringing living water to the world. We are careful to not present ourselves as individuals distinct from the sender, Jesus.

We are in the world as if He is in the world. Do our words, actions, and heart represent Jesus?


The Lord has placed on my dad's heart (Dr. David Webb) the desire to lead a men's discipleship program termed "Shaliah". Below is a description of the program-

The "Shaliah Experience" is an 18-month intensive discipleship process to equip, motivate and "Call" men to be His ambassadors wherever they are placed. This small group of men will from the Word and relationally "sharpen one another for and in their marriage, family, neighborhood, work and greater community.

Dr. David Webb will be commencing the 3rd Shaliah Men's Group in the fall of 2024. He is believing that God will provide these men. Would you are someone you may know called to this? If you want further information, contact Dr Webb at 217-766-2521.

For the college-age men- Dr. Webb is beginning a 6-week intensive equipping outreach this summer. Geared toward multiple topics appropriate to this age group encountering the circumstances of Young adult life taught exclusively from the Biblical worldview. If you are someone you may know would be interested in this group, reach out to Dr. Webb at 217-766-2521.

Men's reflection from the previous Shaliah groups below-

"I have been on a journey the past 10-15 years understanding and growing my relationship with Christ. The timing for when I was asked about potential interest in joining the Shaliah was clearly divine, as I had been sensing and seeking a way to take the next steps and dive deeper into God's word and my understanding of where and how I am feeling called to serve.

The first part of Proverbs 13:20 reads "The one who walks with the wise will become wise." While I can't profess to be wise, I do know that walking alongside David Webb for 18 months provided me a great opportunity for his wisdom to soak into my heart, mind and soul. It is clear that David has been walking close to God for quite some time and one of his gifts and callings is to share that wisdom with others.

If you are serious about taking next steps of faith and to deepen your understanding of God's Word and his calling in your life, that Shaliah group will certainly help you to do that"

"First thing that sticks out about the Shaliah experience is the in-depth teachings that we received from Dr. Webb. He really is a great instructor and has a wealth of biblical knowledge and wisdom. And secondly, which was really suprising, was how 9 men could come together and bond so closely with one another in a period of 18 months. Men are not known for typically sharing their feelings but in the Shaliah group this was not the case. Over the year and a half we really became close and learned to lean on each other for support. I think this was immensely helpful and powerful for us all."

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